Moving to Cape Coral, Florida

Kenzie Kessler Photo is moving to Cape Coral, Florida in May 2023

Well, the time has come to make a major life change. We have lived in Utah for the last 10 years and it has been better than we imagined. But, the east coast is calling our names. I’m switching sky-high mountain ranges and cathedral-red rock canyons for sandy beaches, lush greenery, and lots of tropical wildlife.

The plan is to move to Cape Coral, Florida in early May 2023. I will be selling or donating most of our belongings and taking only necessities. All my furniture is either thrifted or handed down so we’re ready for adult furniture anyhow.

Why am I moving from St.George, Utah to Cape Coral, Florida?

There are several reasons why we are moving to Cape Coral but it boils down to opportunity. First of all, My husband’s work is based in Florida so having boots on the ground will make a big difference in how we reach our goals. It’s been hard for him to make connections and execute projects from so far away. The second reason is family. We have so much family on the east coast, several of which are in Florida. It’s been a long time since we have lived near family so we are looking forward to spending time with them. Lastly, we’re just ready for a change, a new challenge, and a ton of beach time.

Will you still do photoshoots? In studio and outdoor boudoir?

Yes, a million times yes! I can’t wait to get on the beach and do boudoir photoshoots with sandy cheeks and wet hair! Not only are the beaches amazing but there are so many other hidden gems in Florida. You can find crystal-clear springs, the dry tortugas, and lush greenery on white-sand beaches.

woman holding a pose for a photo on the beach near Cape Coral, Florida.

A thank you to my Utahns

My photography journey started in Utah and I’m forever grateful for the friendships and connections I’ve made. I was part of the SLC comic con team, voted best of Southern Utah(twice), I’ve been published several times and I’ve traveled to places some people only dream of. I could not have done it without people like you. People that believe in me, see the beauty in what I create and cheer me on. So, thank you. Thank you for standing in my corner and for showing me support and love all these years. I’ll be back to visit Utah in no time. Much love. -Kenzie

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