Beautiful plant boudoir session

This plant boudoir session is one for the books! First of all, throughout 2020 I have become a crazy plant person. I have turned my living room into a rainbow-filled, tropical chill zone and it’s amazing. I’ve mentioned to friends and family about wanting to do a photo shoot in there. I just never thought I would be the model.

I was scrolling a FB group one night and saw a thread where people were sharing their “plant boudoir” photos. That’s when it hit me, this was something that I had to do! Therefore, I tried on about 57 outfits with my best friend on FaceTime, rearranged all my plants and furniture, and grabbed my camera. I started the boudoir shoot with my camera on a tripod and I used a remote. But, I started to run out of poses that looked natural. So, I summoned my sweet, and talented husband and he helped me complete the shoot.

I absolutely love how the images turned out! It was a complete confidence boost (shout out to my husband)! I loved incorporating so many of my beautiful, living plants. As a result, I’m hoping that I can offer these plant boudoir sessions to all my clients in the near future! Read more about the shoot below.

First, I needed a blowup mattress and then I used a humidifier for the steam and angled my blinds in different ways to play with the light. Then, when the room got dark, we turned on the LED grow lights for some fun! Secondly, I just gave myself the same guidance and boudoir posing suggestions that I give my clients. If you have now fallen in love with plant boudoir, send me an email and we can try to make your plant boudoir dreams come true! Lastly, come join my FB group to stay updated on shoots.


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