How To Prep For Your Boudoir Session

10 tips on how to prep for your boudoir session. Take a look around and please leave a comment if you have any questions.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I can’t tell you how important it is to hydrate before your boudoir session. Ideally, you should start drinking extra water a few days before the shoot. Being well hydrated reduces dark under the eyes, pimples, and flaky skin. Plus, it helps to make your skin look dewy and plump! Try to also avoid high-salt foods to minimize bloating.

2. Lay It All Out- Choosing Your Outfits

What you wear to your boudoir session is probably the most important decision you will make. With online shopping, the options are endless and there is something for all body shapes and sizes. This is where you get to bring your amazing personality out.

First, think about your outfits from head to toe. Start laying the pieces out on your bed. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to change earrings between outfits? Is there a special necklace that you want to incorporate? And, don’t forget about your feet. Do you want to wear boudoir shoes or go barefoot for the whole session?

Pick out boudoir clothing that highlights your every lovely curve, but please remember sometimes a tight T-shirt, oversized sweater or nice button-down shirt can be even sexier. Let your own personality shine through.

I suggest bringing a variation of the following combinations: Read my blog on What to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot for links to popular outfits

  • One-piece set (bodysuit, teddy, fitted slip dress, or shapewear)
  • Two-piece set (bra/undies, high-waisted skirt/bra, garter belt set/bra/stockings)
  • Cover-up wrap/shawl/oversized sweater/off-shoulder shirt
  • Something you LOVE – Neutrals, gem colors, and black photographs well

3. Save Money & Shop In Your Own Closet

Please don’t ever feel like you need to go buy a ton of new lingerie and boudoir outfits! Especially if you don’t typically wear it. I always recommend that my boudoir clients go through what they already own. If you’re wanting to get some new items, there are several online shops with a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Mix up your outfits with something meaningful. For example, if your boo is in the army, maybe bring a flag or camo jacket. Do they love your soccer uniform? Bring it! Other items that clients have brought include whips, neckties, sequin gowns from cruises, hunter vests, personalized blankets, and the list goes on.

4. Take Time Trying On Your Outfits

Always try on your outfits before the shoot! Our bodies change over time, we gain weight, lose weight, we have babies, and let’s not forget about gravity. Poor-fitting items can really make or break the boudoir session. Knowing that your lingerie fits you like a glove gives you confidence and saves a ton of time.

For example, we want to avoid anything that digs into the skin or causes overflow. We can’t forget about the beasts, make sure your outfits support them and fit properly. Also, if you find that one of the outfits causes hives or a rash, let me know so we can work around it.

5. Fingers and Toes

This is one step that gets overlooked often. Please come to your boudoir session with either NO nail polish or fresh nail polish on your fingers and toes. It can be difficult to edit and often times a chipped pinky toe is missed. Pamper those fingers and toes!

6. Waxing, Plucking, Tanning– Self-Love & Care

The majority of us have some unwanted hair somewhere on our bodies. If you are planning on getting waxed, try to schedule it 2-3 days before your boudoir session. This is to avoid any rashes or issues that make be caused. Feel free to shave the day of your shoot but take precautions to avoid any razor burn. Plucking and shaping your brows should be done 1-2 days before your boudoir session. Generally, you want to stay away from getting a spray tan. The tan can stain bedding and your beautiful boudoir outfits. But, if you want to get one just allow yourself time to rinse your body off to avoid dark patches.

7. Wear Loose Clothing To The Shoot

Wear your sweats to your shoot! Come to your boudoir session in loose clothing to avoid skin indentations. It can be very time-consuming to edit out marks left from tight jeans. A baggy sweatsuit or house dress will do just fine. Easy slide shoes are also recommended and can be worn when walking around the studio.

8. Monthly Cycle– Plan Your Boudoir Session Around It

Nobody wants to put on slinky lingerie and get pictures taken when it’s that time of the month. It’s a hard time to feel confident, sexy, and energetic when you’re bloated and in pain. So, try to schedule your boudoir session around it if at all possible.

9. One Day Before Your Boudoir Shoot

  • Bathe, shave, and Moisturize!
  • Hydrate
  • Go to bed early to avoid dark circles.
  • If you are getting professional hair and makeup, wash your hair and dry it. Day-old hair usually holds curls better.
  • Be sure to remove any tags from your clothing and pack your bag!
Maternity boudoir shoot with green boudoir outfit
Maternity Boudoir Session

10. Day Of Boudoir Session

Lastly, here is a quick checklist for the day of your boudoir shoot.

  • Make sure you eat something before your boudoir session!
  • Do your cleansing and moisturizing routine (skip all makeup if you are getting professional hair and makeup done.)
  • Check your bag for all outfits, shoes, jewelry, props, extra makeup, etc.
  • Arrive EARLY to ensure you get full use of time with the photographer and beauty team.

I hope you found this helpful and thank you for stopping by. Check me out on Instagram or email me at

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