Red Rock Boudoir Shoot

Picture This…

It’s the day of your red rock outdoor boudoir shoot. The sky is a bright, hazy blue. Massive outcroppings of red rock tower to either side of your car, so narrow that you fear you might be swallowed up at any moment. The towers of stone and clay jut into the sky, hundreds of feet in the air. Along each side run a thousand knife-cut edges, carved into the clay by a thousand years’ worth of raging waters, slicing through anything in their way – even a mountain of stone.

You turn onto a little, gravel-side road. Your tires kick up the gravel and a sea of dust obscures the view outside of either window. You squint, the view before you just clear enough to make out the looming towers of stone but not much else.

You’ve arrived at your destination.

That’s what the nav is telling you. But … there’s nothing here, except for miles upon miles of clay outcroppings, as far as the eye can see. Could it be wrong?

You stop the car and turn off the engine. The gravel dust settles onto your hood, clearing the view outside of your window. You step out of the car, to see the sight before you more clearly. Dozens of sunset-orange clay outcroppings, jutting into one another like the sides of mountains. They soar into the sky, so steep only the bravest of climbers would dare scale them.

This is where you will do your red rock outdoor boudoir shoot.

You hear a swish swish, a calm trickling, and you follow the soft sound to the right of the clearing. There, you see a stream curving around the rock, not more than a few feet in width. It filters through the gray stones at the head of one outcropping, trickling softly, and swishes against the rock at its widest point.

Something catches your eye, and you look up. You’re not sure how you didn’t see it before – see her before. The red rock beauty. The fairy of the canyon. The muse in lace. She’s all of those and more. Lying atop one of the rock outcroppings to your left, is a gorgeous, curvy woman, wearing nothing but black lace lingerie and sheer stockings. She’s breathtaking, lying against the hard stone without a care in the world, baring her beautiful body to the sky.

Her curves mold against the stone, her dirty blonde curls fanning the sides of her face and whipping upwards in the breeze. She stares up at the sky, striking blue eyes reflecting the hazy blue above, and turning it into a dark, heady blue, deep as the ocean and just as rich. Her hands rest above her head, her legs splayed, one in front of the other.

She is the picture of confidence. The picture of freedom. The picture of sexy.

She knows it, too. And that is the most beautiful thing of all.

            The legend goes, if you happen to find yourself on a little gravel road among towering rock outcroppings, somewhere in the canyons of Utah, and you look up … you’ll see a gorgeous, free, and empowered woman in the sky.

The Red Rock Beauty.

This little drabble was inspired by one of my favorite shoots, with the lovely Anne (better known as the Red Rock Beauty in this short story). Her photos are among my favorites because they embody confidence, freedom, and sexy. A little bit of everything we are and should be, as badass women!

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