Desert oasis adventure shoot

Desert Oasis

This is by far my favorite adventure session! Little Jamaica is located under a bridge in the middle of the desert and only the locals know how to get there. It’s a man-made oasis that has been taken over by nature. I have never fallen more in love with a location. Waterfalls, ferns growing out of rocks, and the clearest water you can find!

We drove through the Virgin Gorge, into a small town, down sketchy dirt roads, and landed under an overpass. Once we parked the car, we had to wade across a fast-moving river with all my camera gear. TALK about taking a risk to get the shot!! Jazmin and Dan basically had to yell/ guilt me into the crossing and I’m SOOOO glad they did!

The mud is full of minerals so naturally, it turned into a super sexy mud bath! Jasmin and Dan are basically the real-life Jane and Tarzan of the world. Her awesome suit is from none other than Albion Fit and Dan’s suit is from Target or something…never thought to ask haha!

Enjoy this total eye candy,  let me know when you’re ready for adventure and I will take you here! As always, you can reach me via email or follow me on social media to stay up to date.

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Little Jamaica Desert shoot
Husband and wife posing for a couples boudoir photoshoot
Man and woman kissing and grabbing firmly onto eachother
Man giving a woman a piggyback ride during boudoir session
Woman arching back into the water while her husband holds her waist
Man and woman holding each other while covered in mud.
couples faces peering out of the water
Woman licking the tip of her husbands nose as they play in the water
Man looking at his wife while she lets her head fall back into the water
Couple posing in a cave of ferns during a couples boudoir session
Woman leaning against fern wall in a bathing suit
Woman posing with her arms above her head and basking in the sun
Couple snuggling next to a waterfall
Couple kissing  and rubbing mud on each other during couples session
Couple kissing in a natural pool


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