Zion couple session

Zion couples session

 This Zion couples session was one for the books. Becky and Tommy are the definition of a wanderlust couple. They drove from Georgia just to visit national parks throughout Utah and surrounding areas. When they contacted me, Becky said that she just wanted some nice photos of them because they were going to be living in camping gear for weeks. So we booked a couples session for them and we mapped out our route. They were sweet as can be and down for an adventure. As we drove through Zion National Park, we scooped out a few different locations until we found this gem!

Finally, away from the crowds, we parked the car and started hiking up the hillside. With the red rock landscape and the setting sun, this was a dream location. Becky and Tommy relit the sense of adventure that I love so much. They are also in the wedding industry. Becky is a full-time wedding photographer and Tommy is the videographer. It was so nice to chat with them about all the struggles and wins of working with your significant other!

Zion couples session
couples photoshoot at Zion National Park
Man kissing his wife's forehead
Couple dancing in the sunlight
Couples photoshoot at Zion National Park
Couple walking together in the wilderness
Couples dancing in a river bed
sweet couples session in the desert
barefoot photo of couples feet in sand

sweet couples photoshoot

We hiked around for an hour on the massive red and white rocks. After a while, we found a little sandy riverbed and took our shoes off. They wanted to play, run, and dance barefoot in this incredible canyon and I wasn’t about to stop them. As the sun started to set, we made our way back to the car. Don’t worry though, I made sure to get plenty of photos with a sun flare.

If you are traveling through Utah and want a Zion couples session for yourself, send me an email, and let’s do the damn thing! Stay connected with me on Instagram and see where I travel next.


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