Antelope Island

Antelope Island Couples Session

Hanging out with these two during their Antelope Island couples session! They wanted to do their couples session by the water at sunset so of course, I was excited. These two are both so driven, passionate, and hilarious. Sierra just got accepted to a dentistry school and Josh is working towards his degree. We ventured out into the desert, found some water, and stayed out way too late. Also, can we talk about what a sun goddess Sierra is?!?

We explored all around the island. Climbing huge rocks, wadding in the water, dancing in the sagebrush, and talking about summer adventures. As the sun set, we made our way to the water where they danced in the light and splashed in the water. This couple’s session is romantic, whimsy, and laidback.

Shortly after the session, a best-selling author reached out to me a purchased some of the images for her book. This made it my second session to become a book cover. It sure is a cool feeling knowing that my photos are on people’s personal bookshelves.

Thanks for reading and as always, please reach out if you have any questions or a dream session of your own.

desert couples session at antelope island
Man holding his woman in the air while she looks at the camera
Couple laughing together during their photoshoot
Couple laughing and holding each other in the sunset
Couple standing and looking right at the camera
Couples session posing idea
Woman standing in a white dress with the sun setting behind her
Couple embracing as the sun sets
Woman being flirty as she looks at the camera and her man looks at her
Playing in the desert
Couple enjoying the sunset
Desert engagement photos in Saint George, Utah
Beautiful couple session
Desert engagement photos in Saint George, Utah
couple embracing each other
Man giving his girlfriend a piggy back ride
couple playing in the water at sunset
Most noteworthy is Josh trying to teach us his awesome dance moves. I think it’s safe to say that he should stick to his day job.
Man dipping his girlfriend backwards
Man skipping rocks while his girlfriend watches
couple dancing in the Antelop island lake
the end of the Antelope Island couples
Man looking at the camera and holding his girlfriend close
Woman looking at the camera while she snuggles her boyfriend




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